Street Stock Rule Changes for 2017


All changes are in bold and highlighted in yellow



Cars must be American made passenger production six (6) or eight (8) cylinder cars 1970 to present. All chassis must maintain stock wheelbase for frame utilized. Cars must be street legal for make and model. No convertibles, Vans, Station Wagons, or pick-up truck type vehicles, Front or rear wheel drive allowed. No four-wheel drive vehicles. Minimum wheelbase of any car 101”.Bodies may be interchanged with chassis, but must be of same make, example, Chevy body on Chevy frame Etc. Stock after-market panels allowed per stock specifications. Must be stock steel and must have a complete Stock Steel Roof. Rest of body must match model of roof, only exception is front and rear stock type vehicle plastic bumper covers of any model allowed. No Late Model, Dirt, or Wedge Type body panels or bumper covers. Floorboards must be stock on driver’s side. Passenger side may be fabricated, but must remain fully closed in and of similar height to floorboard. No tunnel or raised tin fabrication. Firewalls may be fabricated from .22 gauge steel, but must remain in stock location. Fabricated firewalls receive a 25 lb. weight penalty. Rocker panels may be removed, but must be replaced by metal fabrication that keeps interior of car enclosed. Doors may be replaced with .22 gauge steel. Hoods may be replaced with fiberglass or aluminum. Air Breathers can not protrude outside of hood. No additional hood scoops allowed. Rear deck lids must be in place and of stock length and installation.  Inner body panels may be removed. Spoiler 5” x 60”.  No side boxing. Spoiler cannot extend beyond top of bumper cover. Max spoiler height 43” from ground to top of spoiler. Modifications to the rear body is allowed to achieve this height only. No lengthening of tail pieces or fender shelving added, or any other body modifications allowed. Maximum length for any gen. Camaro is 37" from axle center to spoiler mount location on rear bumper. Maximum length for Monte Carlo is 40"

All cars must start the race meet with all exterior body panels in place.


Must have a four-point roll cage but a full roll cage is suggested. Square tubing allowed from center of rear-end back, must be in stock position. Roll cage cannot be set back any closer than 24 inches from center of rear end. Wheel base must match suspension. All cars must have tow hooks on front and rear. 


Must weigh a minimum of 3,000 lbs. with driver in the car. Maximum Left side weight is 54% (54/46). All cars being weighed for compliance with technical rules will be weighed with each wheel centered on a scale, the driver belted in the seat and sitting in the upright position with his/her helmet on or resting in his/her lap.



Front and rear adjustable cups allowed. No jacking bolts allowed. Upper control arms on rear end may be re-drilled. Lower rear control arm mounts may be moved up or down, must remain stock. Stock replacement tubular upper A-frames allowed with a non-adjustable ball joint only, mounted in stock position on stock mounts. Bolt in Ball joints ONLY. 1” variance from stock length allowed. Lower A-frames must remain stock make and model. Stock sway bars only in stock location, stock frame mounts may be adjustable on one side. Max diameter 1 3/8”. Shocks must be stock replacement over the counter 50/50 shocks or struts and must be mounted in stock location. No high performance, adjustable or “take apart” shocks allowed no split valve shocks.  50/50 means a 5-5 shock not a 7-7 or a 3-3, etc . . . No reinforcement of brackets or suspension arms. Minimum height of any part of the body or frame must be 5” from ground. No frame flattening or cutting allowed to obtain height. All other suspension parts must be stock for make. Rear leaf spring cars may have adjustable shackles no longer than 6”, lowering blocks allowed. Panhard bar and trailing arms allowed on full frame metric cars. Three (3) link rear suspension with stock ends ALLOWED. Non-adjustable during race. No bump stops or suspension limiting devices allowed. Leaf Springs MUST be steel



May use aftermarket steel wheels. Track width no more than 64 1/2”. Max. Maximum wheel width seven (7) inches.


American Racer 7” 225 SH or H track tire. Tires must be purchased from the authorized tire representative. Once Tires leave the truck ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS.  Absolutely no tire softener 


         602 crate engines allowed with stock specs.

No rebuilds.

GM max engine size 350 plus .060 over . Ford max 351w plus .060 over Chrysler 360 plus .060 over. Engine block cylinder heads must be cast iron and O.E.M. stock. Crank shaft must be cast or forged. No modifications or lightening. Minimum two valve relief pistons allowed. Stock steel connecting rods aftermarket stock replacement. Racing oil pan allowed. Cam shaft must be hydraulic flat tappet only. Stock lifter bore. Max. lift 450 at the valve. Stock type rockers 1.5 Ratio. Cylinder heads must be O.E.M. castings straight plug. World product head #4361 will be allowed. Vortex heads allowed. Max valve size 1.94 intake 1.6 exhaust. Intake must be stock O.E.M. cast iron 2 barrel or 2101 or 2116 aluminum ONLY may be used. Max compression 10.2:1. 


Stock Holly™ 4412. No VDL’s. Only modifications are the removal of choke plate assembly, jet change, power valve change and accelerator pump change. Rochester™ (2) two barrel allowed. Must use Mr. Gasket™ # 1929, #1937 or #1933 adapter ONLY.   

Fuel Cells:

May be mounted through trunk floor and securely fastened to the car. Fuel Cell minimum ride height 12” from the ground. No adjustable or sliding spacers. 



Racing mufflers mandatory. If the track deems your race car to be too loud, you will be required to run track muffler.   

1 5/8” maximum underslung headers allowed stock manifolds no ram horn manifolds. 


 All window glass (except for windshield) must be removed. All broken glass must be removed from the car before it will be allowed to compete. Quarter panel windows of clear Lexan construction are permitted. No deflectors, or boxing of door opening area is permitted only Vent windows allowed maximum 12” length


Stock cast iron 3 speed. All gears must be working. Stock steel fly wheel Minimum 16 lbs and stock clutch. Automatic transmissions allowed. Stock torque converters only. 

Rear End:

Locked rear ends allowed. Mini spool or welded. NO RACING BRACKETS ALLOWED. No cambered rear ends. 5:88 final drive ratio. Stock for make. 9” Ford allowed, no floaters.


No anti-freeze allowed. Water and Keep Kool™ only. All cars must have an overflow jug in working order.


        Battery may be moved to behind the driver’s seat or remain in stock location


All cars must have four wheel brakes in working condition. Four wheel disc brakes allowed no clamp on brackets. Stock Calipers. After market pedals and master cylinders allowed. No brake bias mechanisms allowed.




Any alteration to any part of the car not specifically covered in these rules must be cleared with the technical inspector or it will be considered illegal. In other words, IF IT DOESN'T SAY YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN’T.

Any specification not covered by these rules may be decided upon by tech management and made a rule for the rest of the season.

Motorsports at all levels pose a risk to your wellbeing. Following the rules set for by Speedway 95 in no way guarantees or suggests your safety.

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