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Sportsman/Outlaws 2017


Outlaw Rules

1.  Wheels: 8” maximum steel rims


2.  Tires:

American Racer™ 10” slick, Granite

State Take offs. No tire softener. Six tires on opening day, two tires per race after that. Tires will be supplied by Speedway 95 Promotions Inc. No charge.


3.  Weight:

Minimum Weight 2,900 lbs

Minimum right side weight for full stock frame car 1,200 lbs can have 3 link in rear with straight pan hard bar must have stock fire wall and floor pan on driver’s side must have stock frame, must have stock lower control arms, rear end mounting points on frame must be stock location, stock mounted shocks.
Minimum right side weight for stock clip tube chassis big spring 1,300 lbs. Tube chassis with stock lowers with setback.25lbs, rack and pinion allowed, no lite weight quick change rear ends

Minimum right side weight for full tube chassis, rack, coil over, quick change. wide five 1,350lbs

All weights are before race.

4. Engine:

Only carburetor allowed is 4412 Holly™. Must pass tech tools. No aluminum blocks or heads except sealed 603 crate motor must have working external clutch.

Maximum set back 2”.

Intake 2101, 2116, 2118, 2176.

No porting or polishing of intakes or heads.
Cam rule 450 maximum.

5. Exhaust: Full complete working exhaust  

including mufflers must dump under car

6.  Shocks

Smooth body non take apart non-adjustable tech has the right to take shocks at any time. Koni's will also be allowed Part #KONI30- 7436 Koni30-7499 Koni30-7325 Koni30-9325 Koni30-9436 Koni30-7647 Koni30-1309
Top three of that night’s race has right to claim shocks at $100.00 each must notify tech before feature race.
Tech has final say. No bump stops or suspension limiting devices

7. Body: No body panels can be any higher

than the roof other than 3” roof rail allowed. Maximum roof height is 50", must have some type of roof. Maximum rear quarter overhang from center of rear wheels is 50"

Sportsman Rules

Cars with ABC Body

1.   Weight:


57% left side maximum

2. Body:

May run side fins rear. Bumper cover may be removed maximum quarter panel length is 50”

All other rules are the same as Outlaws motors, shocks, etc.

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