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Saturday, May 13, 2017


Saturday May 13, 2017

Greenpoint Autoparts & Sales Presents

Opening Day

Dysart's Late Model

1st         27        Brenton Parritt

2nd       17        Kris Matchett

3rd          5        John Kalel, II

4th        30       Dylan Street

5th        52       Dana Wilbur

6th        31       Todd Lawrence

7th         9        Asa Jones

8th       30a      DC Alexander 

9th        63       Duane Dunifer

10th      18       Wayne Parritt

11th        2       Ryan Robinson

DNS       20      Wayne Parritt Jr.

Coca Cola Company Sportsman/Outlaw

           1st         18         Steve Kimball

2nd        44        Ryan Beal

3rd         96        Kris Watson

4th         19        Duane Seekins

5th         55        Shawn Hamel

6th           3        Michael Overlock

​​Casella Recycling Street Stock

1st          16         Dean Clements

2nd         24         Jeff Alley

3rd            3         Jordan Pearson

4th          11         Keith Ogden

5th          88         Derek Lacadie

6th          03         Michael Overlock 

7th            9          JR Ogden

8th          99         Garett Hayman

9th            4         DJ Moody

10th        72         William McCullough

11th        62         Kyle Robinson

12th         35        Anthony Moore

DNS         30        Derek Pearson                           

* Due to technical dificulties with the transponder system the team had to manually adjust the finish for the Street Division

Casella Waste System Sport Four

1st          62         Andrew Crosby

2nd         61        Cole Robinson

3rd         10         Isaac Rollins

4th         22         Guy Doughty

5th         11         Cody Farnsworth

6th           2         Dustan Durrell

DQ         23         Lewis Bachelder

Cap's Tavern Modified Enduro


1st          62          Andrew Crosby

2nd         74          Keith Drost

3rd          69          Scott Bonney

4th          60          Joe Doughty

5th           7           Ben Merrill

6th          98         Scott McLeod

7th            4          Lexi Roach

8th           35         Ken Ogden


Kenny U-Pull RoadRunner

1st         27       Chris Horliecia

2nd       15        James Goodman  

3rd        55        Kyle Gray

4th        95        Ben Jenkins

5th        24        Brian Kaczmarek

6th        81        Julie Cookson

DQ        7         Darryl Ogden


​Pretty Car Contest

 Dysarts Late Model                    Coca Cola Company Sportsman/Outlaw       Casella Recycling Street


Casella Waste System Sport Four                Cap's Tavern Modified Enduro                     Kenny U-Pull RoadRunner

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