Saturday, May 18, 2019



Saturday  May 18, 2019


Dysart's  Late Models

1st          18         Brenton Parritt

2nd         28        Rowland Robinson, Jr. 

3rd          24        Deane Smart

4th          52        Dana Wilbur

5th          19         Scott Modery

6th          17         Kris Matchett

7th        18a         Steve Kimball

8th         81         Bryan Lancaster

9th         23          John Curtis

10th      30a         DC Alexander

11th      88           Derek Lacadie

12th         8          Joe Legere



Casella Recycling Street


1st          4s         Duane Seekins

2nd          6         Shane Tatro

3rd         24s         Deane Smart

4th          94         Steve Rackliff

5th          99         Garrett Hayman

6th          11         Keith Ogden

7th          1x         Rich Reider

8th          36R         Matt Rickards

9th          17         Henry Mellows

10th          21         Tony Poulin

11th          35         Ken Ogden

12th          3         Jordan Pearson

13th          14c         Anthony Constantino

14th          20         Joe Harriman

15th          24         Jeff Alley

16th          03         Michael Overlock

17th          79x         Adam Lovejoy

18th          18         Mike Thayer

19th          17R         Alex Runci

DNS         83         Peter Robinson

DNS         10         Al Robinson


DQ'd         79         Travis Lovejoy



1st          19         Zach Audet

2nd         38         Joey Doyon

3rd          08         Kyle Willette

4th            3         Kalib Bernatchez

5th          23         Lewis Batchelder

6th          77         Cole Robinson




1st          04         Durbon Davis Jr. 

2nd        70         Dylan Dewitt

3rd         15         Jason Phillips

4th         76         Andrew Crosby

5th         87         Ethan Dewitt

6th           9         Casey Bellows

DNS        29         John Thomas, Sr. 


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